Elements Studios was built during the COVID-19 Pandemic to host the Ignite Uncancelled Live streams.
The setup had to be extremely flexible, adhere to all COVIDSafe Guidelines, easy to operate at a moments notice and had to be remotely accessible incase studio could not be accessed.
Lighting: 12x LED Fresnels, 20x LED Pars, 18x 500w Fresnels, extra rigging & in house console.
Audio: QU32 as master console, with QU16 as monitor management. 40 different inputs, all including SM58, SM57, Beta 52A & AKG Microphones. We ensured no microphones were shared between artists without cleaning first. Audio was sent over SDI to the vision system. Fold-back consisted of D&B, Proel & Yamaha speakers.
Live Video: 5 cameras, 3x Sony A7III with 1x Panasonic GH5 & Panasonic HPX250 Camcorder, all running over SDI to our Blackmagic Television Studio Switcher. Encoding was performed by a Blackmagic Webpresenter at 720p.
2x TVs & 2x Projectors were setup with the final live feed, with 20ms of delay from camera to feeds in studio. This was run over SDI to ensure quality over the long distance of cables.
Computing: We had a custom built apple server & network setup in the studio, with priority listing on streaming computer. We also had Live Photo editing & video editing to post to our social media during the event.
Communications: Slack & Comms where used to communicate between everyone on & off site, allowing us to run the show smoothly and keep everyone informed.

This flexible setup was operated by a volunteer crew as part of the Ignite Youth Festival program. Our crew taught the team how to operate the equipment in preparation to the event.

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