Blaise Cosme
Blaise is an independent, hard working, organised & commited individual who is pationate about community, arts and tech. He started working in Audio Visual from the age of 11, in theatres & live shows for community. In 2019 Blaise and Phil Byers decided to start a youth arts centered organisation, Ignite Youth Festival. Blaise & Phil organised the first Ignite Youth Festival in October 2019, which was a huge success!
Later, Blaise started Blaise Cosme Audio Visual supplying audio visual services for events.
After the success of his first business, he partnered with his best friends Geordie & Oskar to start OBG Productions, a diverse business supplying audio visual services, photography, videography, marketing & more to their clients.
Blaise is extremely organised and specialises in audio visual technology & marketing for festivals and events.
During the COVID-19 Pandemic Blaise worked to bring allow events to continue using new technology, hosting many online events using live-streaming & other technologies. The Ignite Uncancelled Series was reached by over 100,000 people, and was live-streaming young musicians performing from his custom built live streaming studios
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